Purpose of Search

Retrieve a list of phenotypes in studies by searching for MeSH and HPO ontology terms.

Base URL

In addition to the common Search parameters, phenotype searches also have the following additional parameters:

Parameter Description Optional/Required Allowed values
pid Phenotype ontology identifiers Optional One or more MeSH or HPO identifier strings
page Page of results to retrieve Optional (default is 1) Depends on number of results
page_size Size of results page to retrieve Optional (default is 50) 20, 50, 100 or all

Data Content

Atom feeds provide the data for each entry in the ‘content’ tag as XML, while text-file formats/Excel provide it in columns.
The most pertinent fields available in each phenotype result are as follows

Name Description Example
namePhenotype method namePhenotype method for pancreatic cancer
descriptionPhenotype method descriptionPlease refer to the original paper for details
identifierPhenotype method identifierHGVPM693
no_pvaluesNumber of p-values in associated experiment3
phenotype_annotationsInformation related to a single phenotype ontology a phenotype is annotated to.Atom XML example:

<annotation_detail>"Schizophrenia" D012559</annotation_detail>
phenotypepropertyPhenotype property namePancreatic cancer
resultsetsIdentifiers for those result sets in experimentHGVRS763
study_identifierIdentifier of study containing phenotypeHGVST407
study_nameName of study containing phenotypeGWAS of pancreatic cancer


Ontology terms
Search for phenotypes in studies restricted to ontology terms matching ‘type II diabetes mellitus’ with -log p-values >=7, return JSON format: II diabetes mellitus&t=7&format=json&amp