Region View

Unlike the Genome View, the Region View provides both high- and low-resolution view of marker significance data:

1. The low-resolution view shows the number of markers that pass a significance threshold in 1Mb windows across large (9Mb or greater) regions. For multiple studies, stacked plots of these counts are generated.

2. The high-resolution view shows the same as the low-resolution view, but in 15Kb windows across smaller regions (< 9Mb). In addition, it shows a combined trace of maximum p-values across the region, the individual markers and those markers present in multiple studies.

The threshold can be changed in the expandable Settings and Tracks panel above. Within this panel it is also possible to turn Browser tracks on and off using the check boxes.

To find a marker, gene or genomic region of interest within the selected studies, use the search box ‘Landmark or Region’.

The Region Markers tab gives a summary of which markers are located in a particular region, together with the Study and Result Set they are contained in.