While some parameters are common for all searches (see table below), specific search types are accessed through their own URLs. Details of these are available through the links below:

Common URL Parameters

qQuery string to search for (e.g. keyword, gene, marker or genomic regionOptional (default is all Studies)A string

Parameter Description Optional/Required Allowed values
t -log P-value threshold to use (only data containing -log p-values at least this value) Optional (default is ZERO) ZERO, 1 – 10
page Page of results to return Optional (default is 1) Depends on number of results
page_size Page size of results Optional (default depends on search) Depends on search
format File format of results Optional (default is html) html, rss,atom, json, text, csv, excel

Content-type recognition

Content-type negotiation (ie. using an HTTP header ‘content-type’ value) can also be used to specify the file-format. The following content-types are recognised:

Content-type Format returned
application/atom+xml atom
application/rss+xml rss
text/json json
text/html html
application/ excel
text/csv csv
text/tsv tsv

Additional information on our Atom feeds

If you choose to retrieve your search results as atom (either through content-type negotiation or using the format parameter) the results are provided as an OpenSearch compatible Atom feed.

If you wish to use OpenSearch description documents for studies and phenotypes these are found in: