Database Content

GWAS Central data sharing statement.

Study database

The GWAS Central Study database August 2019 release increased the number of GWAS from 3,306 to 3,811 studies (70,566,447 p-values, 3,251,694 unique dbSNP markers).

The complete database content includes data from:

  • NHGRI-EBI GWAS Catalog (and previously the NHGRI GWAS Catalog)
  • Open Access Database of Genome-wide Association Results
  • Japanese GWASdb
  • dbGaP
  • Broad
  • 1958 British Birth Cohort
  • Magic Consortium
  • Spiro Consortium
  • Giant Consortium
  • Studies from publication supplementary data
  • Direct Submissions to GWAS Central including submissions from contacting GWAS authors

Full list of studies

Marker database

Marker data from dbSNP build 144 (mapped to GRCh37).

Ontology information

Phenotypes are annotated using:

  • Human Phenotype Ontology (HPO)
  • Medical Subject Headings (MeSH)

Data mining via GWAS Mart

The database content can be queried from the GWAS Mart here.