GWAS Central Nomenclature System

We have devised a completely new GWAS Central Nomenclature System to ensure consistent and unambiguous presentation of alleles and genotypes. The system caters not only for simple sequence alleles and traditional presence/absence genotypes, but also copy-number variants and somatic variants, as well as quantitative and ratio classes of genotypes. It also offers a robust way to represent long alleles.

GWAS Central Object Model 1.0

GWAS Central data is organised into a series of relational database tables, a graphical overview of which is provided as a Data Model Diagram. The detailed structure of these tables is available in the form of a MySQL Relational Schema Definition.

Submitting data to GWAS Central

Instructions on how to submit datasets to GWAS Central are provided in the Submission Guidance Notes. To help you assemble your data correctly, we provide an Excel Data Submission Form, along with a completed example.

GWAS Mart Tutorial

For users who are new to BioMart, we have prepared a GWAS Mart Tutorial.