How to search GWAS Central

You can either search from the home page, using the main search field, or the top search field on the right. Possible search terms recognised include MeSH/HPO phenotype terms, genomic regions and genes, marker identifiers (e.g. dbSNP rsids) and general keywords.

As you enter search terms, suggestions for phenotypes, markers or genomic features will appear.

Search results cover the four domains of GWAS Central: Phenotypes, Gene/Region, Studies and Markers. An adjustable p-value threshold is provided so only results associated with p-values meeting that threshold are returned.

The search result summary includes:

1. Phenotype search results – the number of phenotypes (in Studies) in GWAS Central which have been annotated to your chosen MeSH or HPO term.

2. Gene/region search results – all data in GWAS Central which is related to a gene or region. e.g. number of phenotypes associated with markers in the gene/region, markers with p-values in the gene/region and studies which contain the gene as a keyword in their summary data (abstracts, titles etc.)

3. Study results – the number of Studies where your search terms match keywords in the Study text (e.g. abstract, title etc).

4. Markers hits – the number of Markers which match your entered identifier or identifiers. Links are also provided to specific association results for those markers.