Custom Upload

You can temporarily upload your own p-values for comparison with GWAS Central data using the Browser’s ‘Upload’ tab. All user data are automatically removed from our servers after 48 hours.

You can upload either one or two text files with two columns separated by tab, comma or space.

Column 1 should contain the dbSNP rsID, while column 2 should contain the associated p-value. There is currently a limit of 5000 p-values for each upload.

eg. rs699,0.00078

To upload up to two files

1. Click on the top ‘Browser’ tab (this will work whether or not you have previously added GWAS Central Study data for Browsing).

2. Click on the ‘Upload’ tab on the Browser page.

For each file you want to upload

1. Enter a description for the upload

2. Use the File to Upload option to choose your file.

3. Click on the ‘Upload File’ button. The system may take a minute or so to process your files.

A message will appear once the upload is complete. This will tell you if the upload has been successful or if if there were any problems with your file (e.g. dbSNP marker IDs are not recognised).

Now click on the ‘Genome View’ tab in the Browser page to view your uploads alongside any GWAS Central Studies you have added (see the table at the bottom of that page for the colour key).

To remove uploaded files

1. Go to the ‘Upload/View tab on the Browser page. Current uploads are shown in the bottom part of the screen.

2. To remove a single upload, click on it’s ‘Remove’ option. A message should appear at the top of the page saying the upload was removed successfully.

To remove all uploads click the ‘Remove All Uploads’ button at the bottom of the page.