How to submit data

All data submitted to GWAS Central will remain the property of the data generators and/or submitters, and all records will be presented to database with links and acknowledgements leading back to the original data source. Any users who might wish to obtain non-aggregated data will be instructed to make suitable requests to the relevant submitter and their data access authorities.

Submissions can be submitted with embargo dates or conditions attached. We will still immediately process such datasets to ensure the submission is complete and useable, but we will not release the submitted data to the public until instructed to do so.

When submitting genetic association data and/or allele/genotype frequency data to GWAS Central, we require that the utilised Markers are all present in a major public marker/variation database (e.g., dbSNP). If this is not the case, we can assist you in depositing the Markers into a suitable database.

To submit genetic association and/or allele/genotype frequency data, please gather together the required information as specified in the Submission Guidance Notes and paste it into the Excel Data Submission Form for submission. Each submission will equate to one Study in GWAS Central, but each Study (i.e., each submission) can include one or more Experiments. For assistance with completing the submission form, see the GWAS of Alzheimer’s disease example.

E-mail completed Excel submission forms and accompanying data files to:

Questions on making submissions should also be directed to: