How to find studies of interest

You can browse and search study summaries of all available Studies by clicking on the Study List option at the top of the screen. To search for phenotypes, genes/regions or markers you will need to use on the other options.

To search the study summaries enter search terms such as study identifiers, keywords, author names etc.

To view a specific Study Report, click on the Study identifier.
The report page contains browser options, export options and various tabbed pages (Summary, View, Panels, Phenotypes, Analysis Experiments and Results).

To add or explore data sets in the Browser use the ‘Add’ or ‘Explore’ button above the tabs. If there is more than one data set, you will be given the option to choose which ones you would like to see on the Browser using the check boxes.

The Results tab in the Study allows you to view and export the ‘top’ p-values for local use.