New HGVbaseG2P web site released

June 7th, 2010 | Posted by rcf8 in News | Uncategorized

HGVbaseG2P version 3 has been redesigned for advanced integration of association datasets.
New features include:

  • Complete revamp making it easier to identify Studies and Markers of interest.
  • Central search which identifies whether you are searching for a region, gene, keyword or phenotype term.
  • Gene/region search which identifies association studies which used significant markers in your selected region.
  • All pages and tabs can now be bookmarked, allowing you to return to or share pages of interest easily.
  • Phenotype tree browser (based on MeSH) for retrieving Studies linked to one or more categories of Phenotype.
  • Phenotype term search which will find Studies matching different variations on a term.

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