New GWAS Central database released with significant additional content

September 5th, 2013 | Posted by rkh7 in News | Release | StudyRelease | Uncategorized

GWAS Central Study database release 11 is released 5th September 2013

Version 11  of the study database includes significant new content increasing the number of GWAS from 1008 (34,131,526 p-values) to 1,605 studies (67,723,637 p-values, 2,935163 unique dbSNP markers). All phenotypes included in the studies have been annotated to MeSH controlled vocabulary with direct mappings to Human Phenotype Ontology (HPO) where available.

Version 11 includes data from:

Open Access Database of Genome-wide Association Results,
Japanese GWASdb
1958 British Birth Cohort
Magic Consortium
Spiro Consortium
Giant Consortium

Studies from publication supplementary data

Direct Submissions to GWAS Central including submissions from contacting study owners

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