HGVbaseG2P is now GWAS Central!

February 22nd, 2011 | Posted by tb143 in News | Uncategorized

GWAS Central is the new name for HGVbaseG2P, a comprehensive resource of summary-level genome-wide association studies

We still provide all the features of the old HGVbaseG2P site but with a new user friendly name. All book marked URLs will still work but you will be redirected to GWAS Central. We are still using all previous naming conventions from HGVbaseG2P.

As of February 20011 we have re-launched with a new release of the old HGVbaseG2P study database (release 9). The new GWAS Central study database (release 10) includes 708 studies:

  • 143 imported GWAS from NHGRI GWAS Catalog
  • Supplementary data from the WTCCC paper PMID:17554300 (HGVST7-HGVST13)

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