Nanopub resources

For each data set in GWAS Central, individual phenotype, marker and result resources are combined into a nanopub resource (based on nanopub concepts).

Nanopub resources are a package containing information on the associations discovered (including related markers, phenotypes and a result), any supporting information and data pertaining to the contributions made by researchers, collaters and curaters. They also contain links out to appropriate resources in the Semantic Web and the Linked Data network (genes, publications, taxonomy etc.).

Base URL[dataset_identifier]

To specify the format, either use content-type negotiation, or a ‘format’ parameter. Since nanopubs use the named graph feature in RDF, currently the data is only provided in the N-Quads format, but TRiG support is coming soon.


Get nanopub for dataset HGVRS100 in N-Quads format

Either get from:

Or specify ‘Content-type: text/x-nquads’ in the request header.
Then get from: